Below is a list of questions and answers we have been regularly asked – if you have any other questions then don’t hesitate to contact us

1. How much does it cost?

There is an £8 per class cost at all of our locations.  However, we offer a discount on this price when booking a course of sessions

2. What happens if it rains?

We work in all weathers and rarely have to cancel classes – obviously if the weather is deemed to be adverse & unsafe to exercise in then you will be advised by email either the night before or early in the morning

3. What if my baby gets upset or needs my attention?

There may sometimes be occasions when your little one may get unsettled.  We are constantly moving around the park as part of the exercise activity and most of the time the babies settle down with this movement.  There are also plenty of areas you can use to sit down and comfort or feed your baby if you need to.  You’ll get to know the routes we use at our venues so you can re-join us when you’re ready.

4. What will I need for the class?

Please wear suitable trainers & bring a few layers – for the English weather! A good supporting bra is also important. You may also want to bring a rain cover for your baby (just in case) and anything else that you think you would need for them, i.e. food or drinks they may need. It is also advisable to bring water, a hat and sun-cream for hotter days. We will endeavor to stick to cooler, shady areas on the hot sunny days.

5. Do you cater for all fitness levels?

Yes – We have Mums with baby’s from 6 weeks to 2 years old. You can work as hard or as gently as you wish. It is important that early on in your postnatal period you keep your exercises low impact and are aware that you will still have the effects of the hormone Relaxin in your body which can make your ligaments more elastic, with possible joint instability. You may also be breast feeding, in this case please make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after any exercise as dehydration could cause your milk supply to run low.

6. Can I bring my older child or my twins?

All Mums are welcome to bring older children along to the class

7. Which parks do you cover?

We have classes in a number of parks in Sutton and Surrey.  We hold classes in Lady Neville Park – Banstead, Grove Park – Carshalton, Queens Park – Caterham, Beddington Park – Wallington,

8. Do I need a special pram?

You don’t need any specialist equipment.  All our classes are designed for use with any type of buggy or pram.