Our classes are designed specifically with new mums in mind, ensuring that you can get back in shape in a safe, enjoyable environment without the need for childcare

All courses at Legs, Bums & Mums are designed with postnatal women in mind.  We take into account the age of your baby and any health concerns that you may have.  This ensures we can design the best workout for you and help you achieve your fitness goals.  We offer exercise options in the class to cater for different fitness levels and any particular considerations people have.

Whilst our exercises vary from class to class, they are always based around the following workout:

• Joint mobilisation & warm up
This is very important, as missing the warm up of any workout increases your risk of injury. We aim to elevate the heart rate and get your body and mind ready for the main workout.

• Cardiovascular intervals
This can be anything from brisk/power walking to jogging/running depending on the age of your baby and how you are feeling. We mix these up with high intensity exercises that can be high or low impact and I encourage everyone to take this at their own level.

• Strength and Tone
We incorporate strength and toning exercises using bodyweight exercises or resistance bands, as this is a more suitable approach than lifting heavy weights. These exercises will improve muscle tone and strengthen both your upper and lower body

• Abdominals
We always finish with gentle abdominal exercises. At your first session your instructor will check your tummy to see if you have an abdominal separation. This is very important as performing the wrong exercises can make a separation worse. Your instructor will advise you what exercises are best for you.

• Cool Down
We finish with a stretch and the all-important pelvic floor exercises.

We believe this approach gives a total body workout to all levels of fitness.

Why not come and take advantage of your FREE trial session, and see how we can help you get your pre-baby fitness back.